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A Face You Will See Here in Abundancy

Naveen Andrews  in My Own Country

I am from drawing project

At the start of last year 2008 I had an heart attack.
That changed everything. Realy EVERYTHING.
One of thos things is the fact that when I die I leave the planet with no-one to cry over me.
That ofcourse has two sides, because that means I also don't have someone to leave my "stuff" to.
I have a soul mate, her name is Jessica and she is the closest to having a child that I will ever have.
Third thing is that the heart and lung disease I have is genetical, so I won't be giving that to any child of mine.
Fourth thing is that there already are so many kids on the planet that it is virtually impossible for me to chose one picture to paint. So I started my children of the world drawings serie. You will find kids here from all over this planet. Tell me what you think.


In the beginning....Or to begin with:

Did you ever ask yourself what you would like to change if it were up to you to bring world peace?
What would you do if you had a magic wand or if you were the next world leader?
With so much terror, war, violence, the global warming it is not easy to even try to bring everybody together to change the world we live in.
Because it would take so much to ask from other people and give from your self.
I have been asking this of myself for many years now.
One of my biggest dreams was to become an artist, like a painter or an author. 
Not a novelist or poet.
I leave that up to sooo many others who are much better than me in writing novels, crimestories or movies.
My only wish is to write about how I see the world from today.
That's why I call this Live journal Community

:The World According To Me

By Lotus StGeorge

Here you will find my idea's, poems, writings, drawiings, paintings, stories, articles, photographs and everything else that has my attention.